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Catalonian Covenant Club fosters public-private cooperation to boost energy efficiency
Catalonian Covenant Club fosters public-private cooperation to boost energy efficiency
6 Dezembro 2016 - 10:25

In the framework of the Catalonian Covenant Club, stakeholders from the public and private sectors recently came together to upscale collaboration in the field of energy efficiency.

On 14  October 2016, Covenant Coordinator Diputació de Barcelona (Province of Barcelona), Covenant Supporter Network of Towns and Villages towards Sustainability and the Cluster of Energy Efficiency of Catalonia (CEEC) organised a networking session for 60 participants from local authorities, businesses, universities and research centres. In the Province of Barcelona, over 200 municipalities are signatories to the Covenant of Mayors and are implementing local action plans - SE(C)APs. 60% of their actions are in the field of municipal energy efficiency, and involve measures such as smart metering, energy management or improvement of indoor lighting.

As representatives from the Diputació de Barcelona and the CEEC stressed in their opening speeches, it is not only crucial that actions are taken to make municipal buildings and facilities more energy efficient, but also in the residential and tertiary sectors. Hence, it is essential to foster cooperation between public and private stakeholders to improve the efficiency of the building stock.

The event was split up into two parts to enhance the public-private collaboration in the field of energy efficiency. In the marketplace session, the exchange of ideas and knowledge was promoted among the participants. 15 proposals and good practices were showcased to improve energy efficiency and achieve cost savings in the public and private sectors, such as innovative investment and financing solutions, remote management technologies or the use of PV installations to reduce electricity consumption from the grid.

During the subsequent brokerage session, speed meetings were held between the participants from the different sectors to assess opportunities for collaboration in energy efficiency projects. This format allowed the participants to have as many interactions as possible, in order to gain new insight, exchange experiences and expand their knowledge. The participants were very satisfied with the outcome of this event, and noted that they would need more such networking opportunities to boost energy efficiency in Catalonia.

  • More information about this event and the Catalonian Covenant Club here   
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