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The Metropolitan City of Genova included the CoM as a key action in its policies against climate change and green economy promotion.

The strategy is mainly aimed to small size municipalities to help them to overcome the lack of resources (funding, skill ...).

The solution is facilitating collective actions and pooling resources  through the development of a toolbox ready to be used by mucipalities.

A bottom up approach is crucial to be effective: participation and citizens awareness are the key words

A strong technical approach is crucial, too.

    • Nome do contato: Fausto Brizi
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    • Telefone: (+39) 010 54 99 472

    • Nome do contato: Miriam Badino


    • Nome do contato: Barbara Gatti
    • Posição: consultant

    • Nome do contato: Roberta Parodi

    • Nome do contato: Laura Papaleo