Città Metropolitana di Venezia



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Create a 202020 coordination group inside the Province Organization to provide: Preliminary data collection; preparation of strategic guidelines for the adoption of the Action Plans of Mayors, and the promotion of the principles and accession to the Covenant of Mayors; monitoring of good practices, measuring the effects of the actions taken

Metropolitan Mayor - Sindaco metropolitano

    • Nome do contato: Luigi Brugnaro
    • Posição: Metropolitan Mayor - Sindaco metropolitano

Manager for Environment Policy

    • Nome do contato: Massimo Gattolin
    • Posição: Manager for Environment Policy

Environment Functionary

    • Nome do contato: Annamaria Pastore
    • Posição: Environment Functionary


    • Nome do contato: Davide Lionello
    • Posição: Technician

    • Nome do contato: Elodie Bossio