• 01 Apr 2019

    New H2020 funding for "Integrated home renovation services"

    New European Union funding is available for home energy renovation programme in your city, region or province!

    A new 10 million euros’ fund is available to support the creation, expansion or replication of “one-stop-shops” and cover the whole “customer journey” of home renovation.

    In order to be funded, projects will be required to optimise the services required along the renovation process (based on the local needs and actors in place), improve trust and awareness of homeowners, reduce renovation costs and time on-site through repeatable approaches, mainstreaming innovative technical solutions adapted to the local context, help improve their legal and regulatory environment, and overall improve financing conditions for energy renovation.

    The services can be developed either through dedicated operators and/or an improved coordination between existing local actors.

    An “Integrated Home Renovation Services” dedicated webinar is also available to learn more for detailed features and expectations for this funding. You will also find a number of recommendations on how to prepare a convincing proposal.

    Deadline: 3 September 2019.