• 23 Jun 2021

    Op-ed: "Co-designing the climate-neutral future", by Rafał Trzaskowski

    Rafal Trzaskowski WarsawRafał Trzaskowski is the Mayor of Warsaw. He is also a member of the Covenant of Mayors Political Board and rapporteur of the Committee of the Regions on the European Climate Pact.

    "2020 was a challenging year for all of us, but it also marks a decisive shift towards sustainability and the ambition of climate neutrality by 2050. The EU as a whole is mobilized to fight not only the economic and social crises caused by the Covid pandemic, but to tackle in parallel the climate and biodiversity crises.

    As a member of the EU Covenant of Mayors Political Board and as a Climate Pact Ambassador, I would like to underline the necessary leadership of cities in ensuring green recovery, a just transition and an open dialogue with citizens for the significant economic and societal changes ahead.

    The European Covenant of Mayors is a successful movement with more than 10,000 signatories that have been leading the way through voluntary commitments and effective local action for more than 10 years, incorporating experiences with a multi-level cooperation model and bringing together a wide diversity of territories. It is an ideal platform for making the Green Deal become reality in all EU territories.

    We are re-designing our territories and our societies for them to be resilient and future-proof: this cannot be a top-down exercise. Local authorities, being the level of governance that is the closest and most trusted by the citizens, play a significant role in co-designing the climate-neutral future together with the various local players. For the change to happen, we need adequate funds, that is why I have called for direct EU funds for regional and local authorities.

    The Climate Pact provides a space for people from all walks of life to connect and collectively develop and implement climate solutions, spreading awareness and
    supporting climate action across the EU.

    As the Committee of the Regions rapporteur on the Climate Pact, I can only highlight the relevance of this initiative for building inclusive local Green Deals.

    Reinforcing the work and the links between the Covenant of Mayors and the European Climate Pact will take us to a more sustainable future. Let's make it happen!"



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